Our goals:


  1. Healing the trauma caused by both the armed conflict as well as the migration process.

  2. Ensuring the lived experiences of the diaspora community informs the formal truth, memory and reconciliation initiatives in Colombia, notably the work of the future Truth Commission.

  3. Improving integration of the diaspora in the host countries.

  4. Developing an innovative mechanism that address the exclusion of women´s voices and experience in peace processes.



Activities will be framed under two strands of work:


  • Documenting the impact of war and of migration on women; and the mechanisms the women have developed for coping with these traumatic experiences. This will be done through a collective process.


  • Women´s empowerment to influence social, political and cultural processes of change in Colombia as well as in the host countries.

At the beginnings

we used to call ourself Truth,

memory and


commission of Colombian women in the diaspora.

Now we are: 

Diaspora Woman.

More information: PDF